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This song is by Public Unrest.

Extensive defoliation of churches today
So many people, so many don't want to change
We need a revolution, unsullied mutiny
Nothing will be done, cause' you're not willing to see, GO!

Don't tell me what is wrong, don't tell me what to do
God has planned a work for me, and I just follow through
So go do what you please, do what you think is right
You think you know it all, don't listen and you'll fail

Woooow! Open up to change yeah!
Woooow! Never criticize no!
Woooow! Open up to change yeah!
Woooow! Or there will never be a change GO!

We all work as one, one and for all
Don't get left behind or you'll miss out in all
Don't keep me for yelling, don't keep me as a slave
If change is what He wants, then so be it and obey!

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