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The Meaning

This song is by Public Affair.

What's the meaning of life?
What's the meaning of you being here?
You say you were sent to chase away my fears
But now that you're here, I wish you'd just disappear.
What's the meaning of having friends?
Just by having them we all get hurt in the end.
I'd rather just sit at home, having no friends, just leave me alone.
What's the point of trust if it's gonna be broken.
People say I can trust them, but they gotta be jokin.
What's the point of me?
What have I come to be?
Was I sent here so you can take your anger out on me?
What's my purpose?
Why do I do everything for you?
I give my time for you
Risk my life for you
Gave my trust to you
Stuck up for you.
But you turned your back on me.
Now I have nothing.
No trust,
No friends,
No hurt,
No pain.

But I think I've found the meaning.
It has been kept inside.
I was too fed up with you to realize it was in my mind.

I finally found the meaning.

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