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Public Affair Intro

This song is by Public Affair.

We do it so cleverly,
Showing our ability.
Whatever our age be,
We do it so differently.

Coming in with our hot hits,
Kicking out all of the misfits.
Gonna be big collaborates,
Working out your problems like a psychiatrist.

Working hard day and night,
Gonna turn out to be just right.
Are we gonna make it far, we just might,
Be the hottest group you ever saw in sight.

Gonna try and not to be sell-outs,
Gonna try not to fall out.
We're not here to cry and pout,
We're just gonna show you what we're all about.

Public Affair is our name,
We're gonna try to be the biggest in this game,
Called fame.
We're Public Affair.

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