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I Wish

This song is by Public Affair.

I wish things could go back to the way they were before
But they can't be anymore
'Cause I wasted my time thinking I had everything going fine until
It hit me, all the problems I found within me
I can now see
That you and me can never be, again
So why am I
Always feeling like trash
When I think about you and me
What we would be
I feel like I'm coking
Being suffacated
Drowned in a sea of my own blood
I ask myself why
Can't I
Take the pressure anymore
Its shaken me to the core
I wish
It would go away
I feel so much pain
No one seems
To understand me
No one seems
To care about me
No one seems
To feel my pain
(Silence for about 10 seconds)
I'm wishin
That we could be together again
But no
I can't seem to say
How I feel today or yesterday
It's not important anyway
'Cause I'm no one without you
But I don't care
Leave me alone
Go away
Feel my pain
Take my hate, love, hopes, dreams, cares
I don't need them anyway
I just don't care
Ill sit in a corner
Emotionless, blank
I wish

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