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This song is by Public Affair.

We're all at home
The TV's on, everyone's quiet
I'm sure this isn't the first time we're alone.
The time flys past
And we still wonder
Why our years went by so fast.

And all our fun
Had just disappeared
Losing each other
Is what we all had feared
Is what we all had feared

I miss those days
I miss those nights
Our exciting talks
And boring fights
I miss those nights

The questions you ask me
There's somethings I just don't know
Like where were gonna be,
Or where I'm gonna go.
I just think you should know

I'll miss those days
I'll miss those nights
I'll miss those entertaining talks
And those friendly fights
I'll miss those nights

Here's to you my friend
"Our friendship will never end"
And as we get old
We grow old together
"We'll be friends forever"
Your famous words

Are you still gonna hang around

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