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Six Eight

This song is by Public Access and appears on the EP Please Throw Money (2003).

Someday I'll be recognized by you
You'll see me exactly how I want you to
Four years gone by and still there's nothing that great
It's not okay because nobody has perfect fate
Next weekend next opportunity to live your life
Get yourself together and get yourself some memories
Stop wasting time

Say what you're gonna say
Tell me what you're gonna do
You're missing out on life because she told you to
Say what you're gonna say when you think you know it's right
Close your eyes and I'll sing a song for you tonight

Sometimes I wonder why my dreams are all up in the sky
Without a doubt everyone must think I'm high
Get caught procrastinating, laziness decides our fate and
Before you know it, your former girlfriend worships Satan
Stammering, not babbling, rambling on about stuff again
You call me up and you say you want to be my friend
Born again, bored again, passed out on the floor again
Don't wake me up because my head's up in the clouds again

Who are we kidding now?
Won't see you again anyhow
Thinking of you, already missing you now
So goodbye and good luck
I feel like lightning's struck
One in a million, my worst ever good luck

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