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Piss On Pity

This song is by Public Access and appears on the EP Fleeced (2005).

Another lie, another fake, another day in this place
It comes down to you
This was all on your back. Forget time, forget tact
All I wanted to hear was the truth
Yeah I 'm so unaware, sit and act like I care
While I'm listening to the small talk wearing thin
Hey man, what's up? - I hate to interrupt
But it's getting so hard, so hard to pretend

What about me? Now that you've turned your back
What about me? Should I forgive and forget, become a part of this act?

Remember when the word trust used to mean something
Stand up on your own now, cut the fucking strings.
And all the bullshit clichés I saw through anyway
Keep talking in circles so we always know what to say
Put the lies on the shelf. I don't need anything else
I thought that we were friends, you only thought of yourself

What about me? Now that I know this charade
What about me? Don't turn around, just keep running away

Throw myself from this carousel
I'd rather break some bones than keep spinning around
I'd grab for that ring, but it's so useless now
And I thank god for friends like you as my head hits the ground

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