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This song is by Public Access.

She finds herself alone brought down by every promise he didn't keep
And all the shit that she put up with
Two black circles underneath her eyes, she cried herself to sleep
And spends her days waiting for an apology
It's never coming. It'd just be empty anyway.
She says that every lie is like a glass shard tearing at her heart
The pain won't stop until it eats her away

She says "Obsession is such an ugly word"
She says "Depression's another thing I'll learn to deal with"
Desperation always felt like giving up to me
It's not so easy to forget everything you've learned.

She finds herself lost and making all the same mistakes she made before
All that shit just made her this way
She says she hates her life, she hates the world, she can't go on no more
She's lying to herself but lies don't cover up the scars
And I'm not sorry because she just brought this on herself.
She says she finally let down her guard, she found some one to trust
Now she's living in hell

She says "Deception is such a common word"
She says "Affection's another way to hide your problems"
Desperation always felt an escape to me
It's not so easy to forget everything you've learned

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