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Nature Vs. Steamboat Willy

This song is by Public Access.

Toes to the edge where the sky meets the ground
Pushed, were falling fast. And it's a long way down
The dying scream until the screaming dies
And the president vacations down the new coastline

Have another beer (and turn away, just turn away)
The third world is here (so just turn away)

How many more days can we elect to ignore
And let Americans starve while we fight foreign wars
We eat up every word, every spin, every lie
And turn a deaf ear on a sunken citys cries

Where are your tax dollars now?
Sit back and watch a city drown
In this country of the righteous and the brave
Where is your great leader now?
Just sit and watch the flames burn out.
Were digging our own graves.

We brush our teeth, we take our pills while rich men carry out gods will
A nation bored and standing still while civilians die and soldiers kill
We run the race and never pause to realize we've already lost
Catastrophic effect without cause
Death and debt, the price and cost.

Its in your face, in your paper, your cable TV
Any hope for the futures long washed out to sea
Its in the streets and the slums as the last ghettos burn
May we never forget and never fucking learn.

Its right outside your door (so turn away, just turn away)
You can't pretend anymore (so just turn away)

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