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The White Light

This song is by Psyopus and appears on the album Ideas of Reference (2004).

I can see my face inside your eyes
Cold black, prying into my mind
They're holding my thoughts
Don't let me think wrongly
They'll know all my weaknesses
Now it's too late
I'm mentally broken
The torture begins as they lengthen my skin
Empty stomach pumped with fluid, eyeballs gouged with sharpened needles
Rubber blankets soaked in water covering my hollow soul; covering my soul
I am Pain
The white light is piercing through my brain
Crystals gleaming
Sterile metal: so cold on my skin
This cannot be happening
Am I dreaming? This cannot be real
Someone, please wake me up from this twisted nightmare
Wake me from this dream
Hallucination Mental War with the mind
Discombobulated visions and thoughts trapped inside the mind
I own the White Light

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