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Kill Us

This song is by Psyopus and appears on the album Our Puzzling Encounters Considered (2007).

My love
My bride
Asleep in this bed
Dead till she's loved inside
To caress this wilted flower

Take me in angel legs
Deeper than your fucking grave

Ah, I hold you close
There's something so romantic
In not living a fucking day without you

Still dead eyes
Reflect love

Still bodies
Quench my thirst for
Intimate hold

I hold you all to myself
Strangle whole your closeness
Not even you my caged corpse

I crawl across this coffin
Over top this bodies handles
Lips taste gently across skin
Like wax drips down a dying candle
Like time inhales each expiring moment
Like life's movement is hunted and swallowed whole by death
Oh, I'm so craving you here my darling
I'm craving to taste you at the transformation
Oh, I'm craving you here my darling
To taste this wilted flower

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