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This song is by Psykosonik and appears on the album Psykosonik (1993).

Krank it up!

Phreaking P-H-R-E-A-K
Revving it up where the robot play
Cybernetic party on the line
Yeah, we got it going on time
Check this crazy silicon chick
Kranking it up with the downtown chemical mix
She's burning chrome, she's home

She's a krank phreak...

Faster, faster, a headfirst dive
Speeding it up with the overdrive
Mona Lisa sliding on the ice
Smoking, she got the hardcore slice
Check this crazy partygirl toy
Driving it home with the uptown chemical joy
With blazing speed, she's freed

She's a krank phreak...

Moving it higher into the sky
Shooting it up where the razorboys fly
Ultrasonic party in her brain
Yeah, she'll go all the way
Check this crazy partygirl scene
Skying it out with the inner city chemical dream
Hear the primal scream

She's a krank phreak...


Written by:

Paul Sebastien, Daniel Lenz & Theodore Beale

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