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No Money, No Manners, No Mercy

This song is by Psycore.

Well well, time to go to work

I penetrate your weakened mind
I take your world from behind
I am your fear, your worst nightmare
When you want peace I'm always there

Hello, I'm on a mission from God
God has sent me to tell you the truth
And the truth is that everyone that doesn't
Buy me a beer is a motherfucker

No money, no manners, no mercy

You can't resist the devil's charm
But if you can I'll break your arm
I take control, I drain your soul
I wear you out, scream and shout

No money, no manners, no mercy

Hello, you look beautiful tonight
But then again I guess you look
Beautiful every single night
Buy me a beer please

Buy me a beer, hello baby
What do you mean I smell?

No money, no manners, no mercy


Written by:

Baumgartner Hans Alfons Reinho; Kinnander Markus Jaan; Sepulveda Yanez Carlos Lenin; Wilholm Hans Lennart

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