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Marryville Mental Hospital

This song is by Psychward.


W.seth, trasher and virus

Open your eyes for me
Let me see yer pain inside
Dilusion, Confusion, of a dying race
Time has taken my soul away

A child so lost
Feelings forgotten by you
Sedate me
So help me 'cause the voices are
Killing me

Open your mind
Lay me to rest inside
Suffriendo un Nino
Infeleis, I know some day
Humanity will except me for who I am

How does it feel to be locked inside of a cage of suffering and pain
You wouldn't know 'cause to you I don't even exist
This is what I hate
Look at me now, mother fucker 'cause I'm about to snap
'Cause what you see is what you didn't expect
I am an abomination of God

Can't you see (x4)

Reality has forsaken my dreams

Open your Mind

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