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God Of Man

This song is by Psychward.

God of man
W. seth

A priest walks by and see's
A man lying on the floor with
His beggers hands, he ask the begger
Son of my get off your feet now come on

The beggar replies father of mine
Can'y you see that I'm the one in need
I'm down on my knees begging you
Please let me die here alone come on
Come on

Come on x4

The father replies son of mine get up
From the floor I'm here to save you
I was sent from the lord,
Son don't leave me down come on
Come on

The beggar replies father please
Don't you see I'm the one in need
I needed you now like I need him then
But no one came to my aid
Come on x4

The bugger gets up and grabss the father
Who's the one who will save you know
Diven by anger diven by hate he tells the father
Time to die invin
I'm the God of man x4


The beggar gets up and see the father
Lieing dead on the ground, he looks
Up at the sky and wounders why
Must he die alone for what he's done

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