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Psycho Ward Muhphukas Pt. I

This song is by Psychoward and appears on the album Www.Psychoward.Com (1997).

From a rats turntables, to major recording labels,
SK-1's to platinum albums,
Psychoward that's the group, absolute,
Holdin' fort like F-troop, out that boot
Got crew member, for almost every day in February,
Quick to clown any wack rapper like Jim Carrey
All about the weed that nigga Raj who I be,
Dusted off, comma, I-N-C period

Yeah, begin the session, of fuckin' emcees without protection,
Lyrics spans before you like projections,
Slide across ya land like elections,
You don't have the aim to take a piss in my direction,
Countdown effective, the second,
Attempt to see the mic, reach and grab it
Locked it down like a straitjacket
Niggas slept like it was the sabbath when I first broke out,
But now my name, and my niggas on the lips of every mouth, word up

Life is like a game of chess,
Some will sacrifice the rest to continue with that conquest,
Nevertheless, I play the game like the best,
Best to go to plan B, 'cause you can't see me in a mic contest
The second chief of staff gets fresh, my code name Stress
I'm stressed, but no longer out for justice
It's just a "L", Craig Mack knows we get down like this,
Yo, Psychoward Muthafuckas all the rest are dismissed

One-Eye-Willie, here to represent that click
It's the ward and you know we on some psycho shit
P-W can I trouble you for some flava? What?
You in the N-O? Then you better ask yo neighbor what
The Hell is goin' on here, oh you never knew?
But I'm tellin' you, that you never find a better crew
Straight from the N-O throwin' suckas out the window,
You get played like Nintendo, check the website for the info

Yeah, yeah, check me out, yo
Aiyyo I gets your crowd open like some gunshots,
Runnin' from cops, Uptown till this bitch drops, nigga what?
Me, raw like your pre-production,
Chewin' emcees like the rap game was a luncheon
Ya heard of me, probably wanna murder me,
Catch me on Derbigny,
I make yo wife shirt burgendy, I'm a soldier
So who's colder? The cold-cut or the shoulder?
I'm sorta like a Benz when these niggas is Corollas

(King Solemn-One)
You wanna shine and represent it like a jazz quintet?
Blind murderers diggin' like my rhyme investments
Been rhymin' since before it was cool to rhyme about your drug uses
Style will help you slide on like mucous
Niggas peep you like the first vagina you got into,
But continue, words of a pride-seeker similar to an assassin,
Native few, overdue what I mean
Wrote opposite of fuck phase I blaze

I drop my rhymes for yo ass than "Oh, Mother Goose",
Wit more juice than Cube to get loose, and produce
Lyrics for yo head that keep you locked like dreads,
Now if you dread the dread beware of what I said,
I take fake emcees and crown'em like they name was Checkers,
Trap'em in a corner like a game of backgammon,
I'm slammin' like Onyx, my rhymes are bionic,
I get super like sonic when I'm puffin' on the chronic
Catatonic, is the state you're left in,
>From the time my rhyme begins till my rhyme ends
Got many associates, but very few friends,
Psycho for life, get me a blunt and a mic
I bet I keep the crowd hype, aight?
Till tomorrow night and if the party ends,
I start the shit up again,
Three sixty degrees, that's how that nigga Chill spins,
25 hours, 8 days a week, you never get no sleep,
When in your eardrums I creep

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