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Who's Fucking Who?

This song is by Psychopunch and appears on the album Bursting Out Of Chucky's Town... (2000).

Burning - cold - inside
I sweat bullets late at night

I can't believe I'm really here on the outside looking in
Well somethings better change
Don't understand what people say when I'm around
They walk away, I think it's pretty strange

Well baby after all I'll be Ok
I make believe I have friends anyway
It's just my mind playing games
And it drives you insane
Don't ever try to tell me what to do
Just let me ask you one more thing
Who's fucking who

The other day when I woke up I told myself
I'm doing fine, live my life on borrowed time
It must have been something that you said
Maybe something I did do, I lost my will to

Fight But baby after all it's just a way
To make believe life is good anyway
It's just my mind playing games
And it drives me insane
Whenever someone tells me what to do
I rest my case I wanna know who's fucking who

I do believe I'm really here
On the inside looking down, all over town
Wont take no shit from no one man
I'm a legend stil around all over town
Who is laughing now

I'd rather go insane
Don't wanna feel your pain
When you find out that I'm the one
There's nothing you can do
When you find out the truth
Just open up it's really fun
The pain has just begun

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