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Voice Inside

This song is by Psychopunch and appears on the album Bursting Out Of Chucky's Town... (2000).

Ain't no fun just hang around
Rat ass feeling lost and found
Dig myself an early grave
Born to lose and hell to pay

Down on my dark side now
I kill time just for fun

There's a voice inside
That keeps me wake all night
Like a psycho train
Or the missiles in your vains
And I can't come

Everywhere I go and everything I do
I'm gonna strip my style I'm going down on you
Time will tell and you will see
Goodlooking you down under me

Baby, I'm so lonely
Be the sunshine in my life
You said you couldn't be the one
It cuts just like a knife
Feel so sad and lonely
When they lay me down to rest
I close my eyes and try to forget
The voice in my head

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