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Under The Liquid Moon

This song is by Psychopunch and appears on the album Bursting Out Of Chucky's Town... (2000).

Like a storm like a quake yeah it was a big mistake
To be digging up your past like a bullet full of hate
Ohyeah such a big mistake
Like the truth is a lie you were born to be wild
On the streets where you walk no one ever hears you talk
It's cool who's gonna crack the fool

Downtown baby so obscene
Late at night I hear you scream
Do you know what I mean
The sky is black little crystal eyes
So unclean and full of lies

I'm not really close to her
I'm gonna stay away or burn
Gotta hit the road today
Never to come back again, NO
It's a matter of time

On a string like a puppet living out of touch
Sucking liquid out of flowers
Yeah I guess she had to much to dream
If you know what I mean
Gasoline Keroscene it burns pretty good
Ain't no free rides baby
You didn't knock on wood
To late things will never be the same

Draw the line what a waste of time
What a waste of time
Shoot it up then you feel fine
Try to reach the man on the moon
When it's dry inside you well worn silverspoon
Under the liquid moon

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