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Out Of My Head

This song is by Psychopunch and appears on the album Bursting Out Of Chucky's Town... (2000).

Don't really know what's going on
You say hello I say what's wrong
I want to do it one more time
Just let me drink till you look fine

It seems so obvious today
When I get drunk I feel OK
I wake up screaming on the floor
You say what's up just give me more

I'm gonna reach out for the sky
Another drink another lie
It's all the same when you're around
Two fucking shoots then I hit the ground

I love you dear
When I am gone I need you hear
I'm so confused I don't know why
All the good things have to die

The wind is blowing
I think I'm going down

And out of my head
Out of line
I'll be damned like silence in the dead of night
And I'm about to move out of here

Another drink and one more lie
Another you and I don't know why
It's full of shit and we all know
Who's getting ready for the show

And I'm OK just by living here today
Oh yeah

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