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Killing The Truth

This song is by Psychopunch and appears on the album Bursting Out Of Chucky's Town... (2000) and on the album Original Scandinavian Superdudes (2001).

I cried out for peace on earth like a bitch in no man's land
With a killers gun Like a rolling thunder man it's a high speed son of a bitch
But I think it's fun
Watch out now here I come with a brand new super
Plan Superman Hi Ho baby here we go through the fire in no man's land God damn!

There's nothing else I rather do
I'm sitting here I'm stuck with you

Ain't got a clue, nothing to do
One step away before I kill the truth
Nothing to do, ain't nothing to do
Ain't got a clue nothing to do

I'm just waiting for something to take me away
Back to the killer swamp on the wheels of a psycho bike
On a crocked way God damn I'm authorized by the God of sonic love
But the damage is done

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