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Dying On My Own

This song is by Psychopunch and appears on the album Bursting Out Of Chucky's Town... (2000).

Dying on my own again, I really really need a friend
Who wouldn't lie or cheat on me, life's a fucking mystery

Dying on my own

Live your life on endless fears,
There must be something wrong upstairs
You couldn't even treat me right,
Well someday you might see the light

Dying on my own
Dying on my own
Dying on my own
Now fuck you and leave me alone

You think your special in the crowd,
You scream you shout you're Fucking loud
I can tell you this for real, you're the asshole of the year

Well, I don't even want you back eventhou my world is black I rather be on my own,
Than have someone like you at home

Well I know what you must think,
That I had to much to drink I don't care what people say, I stil do it anyway

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