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We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water In Satan's Drink (1999)Edit

Psychopunch - We Are Just as Welcome as Holy Water in Satan's Drink

We Are Just as Welcome as Holy Water in Satan's Drink

  1. Down In Flames
  2. Straightjacket Hell
  3. Goin' Crazy
  4. Good For Nothing At All
  5. Stranded (For Holly Ramone)
  6. Dear Life: Sweet Nothing
  7. Goodbye Suckerville
  8. W.A.J.A.W.A.H.W.I.S.D.
  9. Cold Heart Disaster
  10. Back For Good

Bursting Out of Chucky's Town... (2000)Edit

Psychopunch - Bursting Out of Chucky's Town...

Bursting Out of Chucky's Town...

  1. Killing The Truth
  2. Who's Fucking Who?
  3. Something In The Way
  4. Mannequin Dream
  5. Generation's Sin
  6. Six Days In Chucky's Town
  7. Voice Inside
  8. Out Of My Head
  9. Dying On My Own
  10. Under The Liquid Moon

Original Scandinavian Superdudes (2001)Edit

Psychopunch - Original Scandinavian Superdudes

Original Scandinavian Superdudes

  1. Make Up Your Mind
  2. Pleasure Kill
  3. Crashing Down
  4. No Nothing
  5. Dead End Ride
  6. Greatest Waste Of Time
  7. Killing The Truth (Live)
  8. Goin' Crazy (Live)
  9. Six Days In Chucky's Town (Live)
  10. Down In Flames (Live)
  11. Something In The Way (Live)
  12. Straightjacket Hell (Live)

The Pleasure Kill (2002)Edit

Psychopunch - The Pleasure Kill

The Pleasure Kill

  1. Back In The Days
  2. Shotgun Eyes
  3. Reinstate Me
  4. Up On The Hills
  5. Here Today
  6. Inhale
  7. Little Pretty One
  8. The Zyko P Insanity
  9. My Desert Soul
  10. I Want Out
  11. Apocalypso

Smashed On Arrival (2004)Edit

Psychopunch - Smashed on Arrival

Smashed on Arrival

  1. Nothing Ever Dies
  2. Hard To Belong
  3. All Over Now
  4. Dying In Your Dream
  5. Sacred Heresy
  6. A Powerful Brand
  7. Ain't No Turnarounds
  8. Just A Little Bit Down
  9. Fingerlickin' Good
  10. A Matter Of Fact
  11. Blown Away
  12. Oblivion

Kamikaze Love Reducer (2006)Edit

Psychopunch - Kamikaze Love Reducer

Kamikaze Love Reducer

  1. Poison Alley Groove
  2. Overrated
  3. Everlasting
  4. On The Stereo
  5. When This World Is Dying
  6. Two Empty Hands
  7. Someone Like You
  8. Like A Fake Heart Love Reaction
  9. Comin' Right Through
  10. The Black River Song

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