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Visions Images And Dreams

This song is by Psychophile and appears on the album Transition (2003).

The intricacy of you deceived me

Inside your splintered self I was lost

I opened my heart to you, you didn't believe me

I live for your breath and I die for your touch

I wanted your absolution, you could have liberated me

Instead you chose to misjudge me, I'm more than what you see

Visions, images and dreams

My vision of you is complete

Your image of me is untrue

I dream of you and I as two

Shifting ground, out of balance

I don't understand the rules

Blissful torture is your voice, my hopes

Bled into the air between us

Forgive me now but your silence, is this what you choose?

Expectations, expectations, shattered with my trust

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