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The Otherside

This song is by Psychophile and appears on the album Vodka Milk (2005).

And as she lies there, dreaming of your bed

A thousand images of you still in her head

And with each new cut, she feels the pain grow less

And as she tells herself, it's just another test

Can she get through to the other side?

Even though she feels herself divide

And all that she has left is memory - memory

But she can be what she wants to be - wants to be

And can she get through to the other side of this?

Though he took all she had and then he made it his

No matter what she does, inside it feels the same

But she knows she's learnt to play a different game

And though it hurts her, she can feel the change inside

She's slowly learning that she's got nothing to hide

For every chance she's lost, she's tired of blaming you

Time to start a new life, time to start anew

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