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This song is by Psychophile and appears on the album Transition (2003).

Don't, don't, don't, let me fall...

Who will catch me when I fall?

It's so hard, to know that you hear my call

Bound in shadows as I am

I will fight for, as long as I can

And though I struggle to retain, this fragile sense of hope

A sciagraphic understanding, shows I'm still noctivagent

I savour the sweetness of this cessation of pain

But I'm still fearful of drowning in shadows again

Do you think that this peace of mind

Comes easily to me?

It's so hard, so hard, to give up the strength

From tragedy

In these moments of transition

I try to abide by my decision

I fight for freedom from depair

To live my life, without nightmares

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