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This song is by Psychophile and appears on the album Transition (2003).

I divide my life into

The one without and with you

I'm so grateful for the depth of your compassion for me

My history of grief defined

The shape of where I could go to

Your kindness and your patience

Dissolved the boundary

You said, take my hand

I will walk with you

I will hold you

I will hear you

You are the place in me which is


Thank you for the incredible gift of your love

I treasure each fragile moment that you spend with me

As a weapon again the darkness

You have lifted me above

You healed the dark places

Which I could not even see

Every day with you in my life is special to me

And now you have shown me

And now I'm not afraid to walk alone

My world will never again be a frightening place for me

Your face is so dear to me, my love

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