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No Luv

This song is by Psychopathic Rydas.

I got N-O-L-O-V-E for MTV
You can't see me in the locs in a black beemy
Got no love for cops not even a teeny weeny
...Bit, shit
My black truck got the phat kit

Full Clip:
So what you though you stupid little bitch?
That Full Clip gave up on all this rydin' shit?
What love I had left I done shot it
And what hater put out muthafucka well, you got it

Sawed Off:
Check this out dog I don't give a fuck
That's why I'm bombin' on you bitches I don't got no love
This whole world is insane and psycho listen to the thug-ism
Only bodies fallin' is the ones with the love in them

Lil' Shank:
Representin' the Rydas because were mashin' and thuggin'
Ain't got no love for y'all buggin' thinking were wildin' for nothing
If in your face its for something my windows down my truck bumpin'
My fifty speakers are thumpin' and I'm about to start dumpin'

Cell Block:
I got no love for the government (fuck that shit)
They upset 'cause I'm clockin' more skrilla then the muthafuckin' president
Then have it all sent to accounts in Swiss banks
Then all the rest chillin' in my baby mama name

I got no love for innocent people caught in the way
Between a Ryda and his pay, ain't no way, not today
It's been a long time and I been waitin' on this chance
So when my bullets advance, I'm putting shit in your pants

I'm comin' straight from the murder glove I got no love
My styles underground but still so much above
You can try and shove me I still wont budge
And a thousand years from now I still be holdin' a grudge

Full Clip:
All these punk bitch ass muthafuckas runnin' around
Claimin' to ride get chopped the fuck down
You can even know me run up and give a dap
The second you turn around your catchin' one in the back

Sawed Off:
Man please, there's so many out here frontin'
Beatty eyed muthafuckas always lookin' for something
That why I never did and never would have any love
For the simple fact I hate to love, bitch what

Lil' Shank:
Ain't got no love for y'all bitches y'all pussy as your only asset
Lets put that ass in a skirt and see where pimpin' can get
Don't be a customer getting buck for all your cheddar
Once a John twice a trick should of known better, it ain't no love

Cell Block:
For punks who pack unloaded pistols
Then keep it plane and simple you soft as Shirley Temple
I take the gat from you and bust your whole shit out
And leave you where you lay with blood spillin' out you mouth

They call my doctor loveless ain't got no love for no other
Then for your head with hot lead about to make love to one another
I'm lovin' no one if you ain't a Ryda bullets inside ya
And David Copper-fuck couldn't hide you... from the slugs

Caps spit off fly hoes suck dick
I got no love if you ain't tryna fuck, bitch
Trick another muthafucka
I got no love for radio DJ's ma's a dick sucker

Full Clip:
I got a full clip of these heat seekin' bullets with your name
Your about to have a cryin' mama with a body to claim
I already got front page news paper fame
Plus this drink got me on this anti love thing

Sawed Off:
Only love I got is this gat in your back
When I'm jackin' your tractor make it 10 times more fat
What makes you think anybody was feelin' you?
Shit every time I see your ass I think about killin' you

Lil' Shank:
I got no love for you side your side don't got no love back
Ain't got no love for the haters mad 'cause I'm holdin' a gat
Ain't got no time for that chatter man you can kill all that mess
I'm aiming straight for your face so fuck your Teflon vest

Cell Block:
There ain't no love for the dust nose addicted to my crack
There layin' on their death bed I'm still getting' my money back
No love for the family and fuck all there friends
Best believe I'm getting my cheddar back in the end

Black trucks, we let you no we coming with bumps
And don't increase your chances no way when the shotgun pumps
I blow the life out your body, and bust at your ghost
My hollow points will have you dead and cooked like fuck ass pot roast

Cause you a fuck ass (punk ass fuck ass)
In the fuckin' way of my cash (In the way of my MONEY)
So it's, you I blast (Ain't no love for no fuck ass)
You a fuck ass in the fuckin' way of my cash (no love muthafucka)
So it's, you I blast (I'll bullet hole ya, I'll funeral ya)
You a fuck ass (cover your nuts bitch)
In the fuckin' way of my cash (stay away from my cheddar)
So it's, you I blast (you better get down and lay down muthafucka)
You a fuck ass (bring it)
In the fuckin' way of my cash (you done fucked up now)
So its, you I blast (whatever's whatever, Rydas don't love)

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