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This song is by Psycho Pussy Killers.

Yesterday I woke up it was the first time
The misconception the lies it doesn't even matter now
As everything comes together I come to see we are all fucking guilty
And then I feel these tears
Can you see them
Look at what they have done to me
They are not what you made them
It is I who have molded them
And it is I who will kill them
To be what you want me to
I can not
I will never
And my heart it seems... only to scream
A loss of virtue
Maybe my life is changed
But I'm still the same
Still left with my impulsive urge
My undying greed
And all these distorted thoughts
So were the fuck is the equality? the justice? were does it begain
Fucking pig... put your gun to my head just like you did to my friend
Murderer... yeah I'll scream it loud... murderer are you proud
Pig you think your god I think you better hold your badge up a little higher
I steped outside to watch the sun die
To see all the kids tagging the ground with all there wisdom and hate
Actions undone by a chain of reactions
Rise up... rise up... rise up and destroy
Rise rise the sky is falling rise rise
Wake up get up step up this is your fate
You are not dead your soul is flying high
So why bother to try
Try to concied you want everything I don't need
To concieve a memory
The sun rises and burns my eye's
The past it's always last
So close your eyes and disapear
We all fade out and die

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