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What The Fuck You Thought?

This song is by Psycho Drama.

(Side kick)
It's a murder because cause the soul is satis-to-faction
That rapidist bullet action
So what the fuck you thought muther fucker
I'm in love with this slug in my chest we psychodrama
So come and try to put chi off to the test
A bullet proof vest
Chics in my blood
The black and gold is scorchin
Up against a murder bitch
Ratta tat a gunshot and the aim to spell out courage
Wit a side of rage
Kick will make the front page
Murder was the case flip from page to page
Bitch everything that I had blew down a nigga door can't you see
The sky is fallin' psychodramatical ward
Comin' slowly given out all orders
That mother fucker better go and run for the border
My veins is willin' and when adrenalin fill them
Bitch I'm crazy, deranged you better know the lit
I'll die for my shit so what the fuck you thought

So what the fuck you thought,
What the fuck, what the fuck you thought nigga
You thought wrong silly ass bitch
What the fuck you thought, what the fuck nigga
Ain't got no time for them games and shit

Nick nal and southern cane goin' threw thangs
The game put a name to the brain
Competition can't fuck with us
'Cause they scared of us and the industry will never be prepared for us
So you can stab that shit in your head if you will
Cause it ain't gone be no questions later
When it's time to face will the steel cause
Like sike I kills
Kill the isms in y'all brain cells y'all friends tellin' me
That you hoes can't seem to incenarate
These flows that I penetrate
So eliminate them thoughts that you intimadate me
Yo where you eliminate at T why? this bitch is blowin' me
He thought I was a simp bitch I'm a pimp
Walkin' with a limp and ridin'
Under the fimp it's slidin
And I'm emptyin clips in you hoes like chimps and chumps
Is their a hump in your step cause you losin your pep
And I got another clip left
Old school make a move fool flunkie is gone
So I'm a take it apon myself
To erase all them thoughts you was thinkin'
Got you pourin out the gin you was drinkin'
Puttin' out your b's and respectin my chiefs
And I'm a hit you with the kitchen sink and
Blinkin like raiden cause you comptiplatin
Gotta give it up got me charged up
What the fuck you thought hoes newsense done pulled your card up
What, what the fuck you thought I was bluffin when I said this
Competition can't fuck wit us because they scared of us
And the industry will never be prepared for us
So what the fuck you thought

(Young buk)
Psychodramatical intent
Homicidal content
Give a nigga not one dent but two lumps
If I got to shot two pumps
I'm a kill all you chumps
Cause this shit you said kick it off
Playin' wit this click is just like fuckin' when your dick is soft
Might as well just rip it off
Cause their really ain't no need for a dick
If it ain't no nuts to back you up
So black you fucked
Don't say who that you know it's young to the buk
You crack me up
Escaped from the padded room
Claim this game by sea visions
Precisions of niggas with triggas
People rushin out the front gate better recognize
Bitch who the fuck on your other end
Wantin to do your brother in
'Cause I'm unlike these other men
And I'm smotherin muther fuckers by the dozens cousins
Any of your relatives none of them will live to tell
But I bet they'll tell to live
Shit should I give shit
To stupid niggas who done took from me
You can hit this b and get a crazy ass look from me
That's about it
You niggas ain't about shit
And that's how I roll in black and gold with some paper to fold
Stupid hoe
So what the fuck you thought

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