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The Wharf Song

This song is by Psyche Origami and appears on the album Is Ellipsis (2005).

Hey yo we take it to the maximum 1040 easy taxin' 'em smoke 'ports we turtle waxin' 'em

So get you're girdle 'cause we're gonna keep it fertile got you struggling for business like that place on 10th and Myrtle

Psyche Origami with that milk that never curdles push yo wig back like no windshield in a convertible yo

We still hurtin' you with words above the neck for cats that don't like the work but still want the check

From every attitude the decks Southside to Cartersville and your head'll get flown just like planes at Heartsville

Yo, these thoughts will pierce your epidermis if you ain't gripping the mike and keepin' it warm like a thermos

You know it's like pouring gasoline onto a furnace when you put us on a plate and turn us

33 and a third we still smooth like the horn on Donald Bird got you rockin' name plates that say do not disturb

And I'm precise with every word 'cause I place 'em properly while you smoked out and sayin' metaphors slippily it's like

Come on and just take a sec to realize time and space and find a space to just relax yourself

Ain't no worries here dog as far as I can tell we dwell with subterranean thought propel

Just get me out of this hell, put me on a mountain top with some nature to smell so I can have an open mind when I bless the crust 'cause at the end of the night it's just us, Cuts

Synthesis and Dave Matter men of machines while I compose data for fiends of all sorts

If I followed your lead I might rock highlights like fox sports while I practice castin' spells on people at Hogwarts

I bring you forth to push you backwards smash with the force of Mac truck accidents with no surviving witnesses

Take it back to Bally fitness fall semester had to let it go to watch it fester

Bust a three without the lazy eye like Ronnie Lester and hopefully I keep a legacy like Robin Nester, well all right

Turn the sounds up we building from the ground up thousand foot beacon light the town up round 'em up and down with a

Proof from hall park to bust shots with no silence flames walkers y'all 'bout to balance the scale

Takein comp from all challengers large or frail, fast or snail, dark to pail, automobile, trains and third rail, fresh or snail, woman or male, loose and walking the streets or in jail

The alchemy of opposites will soon prevail but for now do me a favor and pass the L

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