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Reversing Gravity

This song is by Psyche Origami and appears on the album Is Ellipsis (2005).

The speed at which you adapt to change is one of the keys to survival on this plane

Long range thought missile hits your brain cavity, reversing gravity, pushing fear out rapidly

Now everything's exactly what it has to be, on second alert by the millisecond's better, by the minute is worse

We burst to keep these universal laws intact so break out your thumb tacks and put this on the map

Yo, I've been doing this here since way back, since the days of fat laces and Kangol caps

Sick of listening to y'all with the same old raps so we produce tight-rope joints to turn to snare traps

So step lightly, 'cause this'll fit around your ankle tightly and uproot ya

Construct a present-day bomb explode in the future

Mastering the art of lacing up open wounds with psychological sutures

Mythological synthesizer sound groupers got the market saturated with the smell of bad grouper

To me all of y'all are just clones like storm troopers, synthetic and waitin' for live cats to set it

Another man down another transplant embedded as y'all humans keep movin' from less cash to credit

If I made a platinum hit called Dick Ridin' for Dummies, hopefully you might get me like financial aid money

So hurry up and register for classes on the fall of man

And infinite armies of thought all at my command to go and seize everything the mind erases and use it for putty to spackle the vacant spaces

Created by the complacent comfortably running rat races somehow people fail to fathom something that basic

So I inherit first eye-lasik surgery patients that when I'm done operating they be like (DAMN) that's amazing

Now can I do my own cosmic exploration and use my mind's eye to record the observation?

Of course it's information straight from the source we be changing up perception of these people that's lost

But want to frolic all in it create a black hole in your brain and watch ya fall in it

Take time out of body to experience the other side without physical limits returning to my shell as everybody's favorite cynic

With my codename imprinted in my skin so when I'm dead they can see who I really was by using infrared 'cause

Man's instinct says to build and keep building so we precisely craft an impervious unit that adapts to all weather changes with time I take a little hiatus to perfect the design

Because it's all the same, it's just points, lines, and planes only after the fourth dimension are things tough to explain

I'm done with living mundane, it's time to elevate and move at a rate faster than we telecommunicate

And that's faster then we tell lies to make our status escalate shouldering the weight of the world and feeling great

Couldn't tell you a thing about Will and Grace but my world of spit is still in place with or without something to stimulate my over-worked headspace

Retrace your steps and calculate in milliseconds how long you really slept man we do it to the death and that's just a concept change alert to code red 'cause here's the bomb threat it's like

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