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Psyche O States

This song is by Psyche Origami and appears on the album Is Ellipsis (2005).


Where is that sound coming from? (it's coming from over there)

(Psyche Origami states): That you need sharper scissors to cut the red tape boy

(Psyche Origami states): That it's time you recognize that the style is great sucka

(Psyche Origami states): You might get left behind if you start to hesitate man

(Psyche Origami states): That we screamin' on kids like Bobcat Goldthwait.

Call the paramedics while I work through all the edits Psyche O's the main feature coming first up on the credits

You coming up last just like a dolly grip after I confronts for twenty years you have to switch to super Polygrip with Eferdent to polish it

Basically that makes you easy to demolish when I'm at the controls I got that Ashville asthma Dave Matter has the bowl and Syn is in the kitchen makin' crab casserole 'cause he rather have a roll with margarine spread the way we bomb shit we got these people calling the feds

I might hit up [White Skull] when it's time to shoot the rock I'm old style like different color stripes on your tube socks

My crew's got that old straight up like twelve o'clock best to hit my land line before you bring it down my block 'cause I ain't got no time for visitors man even the palace got a [arbor filling] you reaching it's perimeters

(Psyche Origami states): That you need to slow it down and start to concentrate now

(Psyche Origami states): That you can't keep your balance if you can't hold your weight sucka

(Psyche Origami states): Yo son them cuts sound great

(Psyche Origami states): It's 'bout time you recognize that the style is great

I listen to this till I couldn't nod no more and then I started writing to it stand cool like charcoal without a match or lighter fluid but guaranteed to burst when it's time to ignite and I'll be getting at 'em early 'cause I wake at first light

The ice age is over man it's time for global warming and it rains in Home park while I'm busy brain storming humidity is up just like stupidity is up so this year we dumb it down to make it easy on the ear

But never compromise the rhymes you over analyze and recite until you're tongue tied and then it's over time

Unraveling the mysteries of time traveling while remaining still and stillness is time to build 'cause that's when you feel this and then acknowledge the skill and your show's not complete without our name on the bill unless you're booking twenty acts at which case I'm at the palace rotating on my own axis keeping the balance

(Psyche Origami states): You might get left behind if you start to hesitate now

(Psyche Origami states): That you need sharper scissors to cut that red tape boy

(Psyche Origami states): That we screamin on kids like Bobcat Goldthwait like


(Psyche Origami states)


(Listen Here)

Now if you really wanna figure out what all of this means check the Ros/Atlantis files under mind bending assigning teams of archeologists to dig up my quotes to see if all of them sank or if some still float now

You ask me what is that worth why don't ya take a sec and check your spinning wheels first everyday is a rebirth I'm sleep as you def so reap the benefits and table scraps you get from the chef

As at the end of it when things collapse around your very being and you can't stop it 'cause you're talking and not seeing

Shit, you're just a yes man agreeing of course master, our productivity's low yo I can work faster

I'm sealing up the holes you made with verbal plaster I traded in my hyper thruster for a laser blaster

Reality's a bitch and I take her around town in an '89 Volkwagon Merry-Go-Round it's like that chya'll






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