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No Negotiation

This song is by Psyche Origami.

Clap your hands everybody if you got what it takes

Yes, yes y'all you don't stop check it out y'all rock on

I'm Wystyk I don't stop Plains Walkers crew rock on

I'm Locksmith you don't stop Survivalist [tour] rock on

Synthesys y'all DJ Danger y'all check it out y'all rock on

I'm the Planet Pool shark knock the earth into a black hole for match point without scratching Yo I'm on action like sub-title Jet Li flicks ni**as know my whole name but only choose to use the prefix

Tread in this dimension never come seasick the wrong place if you looking for cats to beef wit

Do whatever we see fit make no mistake Wystyk rock the beats and lock rock the break like uh

Yo I be bar-b-qing and hoping interacting with fam black soul happening jet black Jeannine and Joanne

Full time jobs for 4 cats staying alive survivalist, huh, keeping my eyes on the prize spending my own loot record label getting the shaft CD's and twelve inches got to finish to [lab] another [8 at] need a bigger board in fact but my job right now won't afford me that

'Cause we describe emcee as mysterious creation interplanetary nation Y presentation spontaneity without the sounds of hesitation no procrastination but still we got the patience to let the planets move and acknowledge the variation you other cats sit back and watch I'm done waitin plain surfing while you on the ground skatin' 'cause in the mirror is exactly what you up against facing

There's no negotiation

This is for all the hospital patients jump out your bed smack the doctor

There's no negotiation

For everybody on the streets blazin' stayin out the view of helicopters

There's no negotiation

This is for the Jamaicans and Haitians jump on the floor [pogo] dance

There's no negotiation

For people walking to the train station keeping traffic down using ground transportation

Hey yo under this blue moon lets live to the fullest and pull this trigger so we can be number one with a bullet

Nobody burns the rock better then lock 'cause speak it I'm sick figure the earth's lyrical scheme out ni**as bit that quick and then when you get me in with Styk man that shit's over wit ladies we the people that put the P in porno flicks

Swift with the tongue swift with the back action hung like a Clydesdale sure to get your hun sprung

It's all fluid we manage the mic like Jenny Green do Vikings quick to battle like a Cobra striking

And even more poisonous than drinking straight phosphorous we all over the track you flat-line monotonous so what you got for us what ya got for us now what cha got for us

At your shows you can hear a pin drop while we getting crowds amped like they cheering on Maximus

So relax and just be a sponge for a second and absorb it tu tu tu Gladiator

I spit a flame verse then turn around and spit the same verse and tell yo stupid ass it wasn't rehearsed 'cause yous an ignorant bastard destined to be a has been in some igloo teaching Alaskans how to back spin

Your mask is thin dentist getting' rocky like the Aspens fending for your life but still ending up in the trash bin while I'm walking away laughing far as standing up goes you're looking at the last men

There's no negotiation

For everybody on the wall waiting sleepin' on this mic devastation

There's no negotiation

This is for people of other nations damn they bomb the World Trade like it's

No negotiation

To everybody on the streets blazin' stayin out the view of helicopters

There's no negotiation

This is for all of y'all mistaken Hip Hop is not on a vacation

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