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Keep Swingin'

This song is by Psyche Origami and appears on the album Is Ellipsis (2005).

(Good evening ladies and gentlemen I'm Lance Goodthrust here at KWYZ and we're here with another exciting boxing match In the blue corner we have MC Wystyk from Psyche Origami and in the red corner we have our challenger lets go up to the ring and experience some good clean boxing action it should be a good one enjoy yourselves round 1)

Yo, we keep swining' till you've had enough and right before the bell sounds hit you with another uppercut

We keep swining' till you've had enough and right before the bell sounds hit you with another uppercut

We keep swining' till you've had enough and right before the bell sounds hit you with another uppercut

We keep swining' till you've had enough and right before the bell sounds hit you with another uppercut

It's open season on optimists with open pocket wisdom and closed caption for activists banking on cataclysm I'm spanking this crack money with paddles with holes in 'em till his belief system is frayed like old denim

Desperately seeking circles with no police in 'em but it's all because the streets keep eating the same rhythm ask me about your man I told you I can't feel 'em he's like a flaky pastry with manure filling

That's why you catch me at the Bounce (why) they give me stupid stares like I pulled down my pants and had braded pubic hairs

So put your hands up and guard your eyes from the glare Psyche O will bring the juice like electric chairs

Come along for the ride or you can catch us there but you best arrive quick 'cause you never know where you might end up when the brain stretches to the point when things are far-fetched like having no arms and doing chin ups or having ten nuts and walking with a severe limp that's kinda cool 'cause it looks like a pimp strut

(And at the end of round one we have Wystyk leading ten points to eight points he didn't really seem like he was putting up much of a fight there his punch stats were very low maybe around 18 percent lets see round 2)

We keep it off the beaten path off the road like four wheelers officially four feelers and that floor to the ceiling shit we killin' it and it's about time not to take ownership because it's yours to find (that's right)

Multiplying faster than exponents of nine opponents design escape routes when they find out their Armor Alls gone and they're all shined out hit 'em right below the chin and make 'em scream time out

With undertones darker than the Guinness spout a [taddy porter] we keep your brain distorted like a broken tape recorder stay organized like I'm on a token torter with two quarters fallin' all the [not sure] to disorder

Synthesys and Dave Matter be the mortar between the bricks that make this style stick like adhesive stamps so when the beast advance you might at least get your chance to bring the pain like jagged edge nipple clamps

(And after three rounds seems to be an evenly matched bout with our challenger having 18 points and Wystyk having 20 points lets see how things go in round three slight intermission here take it to our sponsors)

(Look at that fella big burly opponent left right left right)

(When I'm swinging I'm landing)

(And thank you everyone for keeping your dial locked here round 4)

We keep it at the point where the balloon is being pierced with a pen at the point of passing out in the opium den with a pen scribbling your last thoughts before you drift off into deep [grim] with saliva dripping down your chin

So grab a napkin before walls start collapsing and falling in on this labyrinth that you're trapped in

The worst things happen during momentary lapses of ration of objective thought when the brains caught between doing what you're feeling right and doing what you want

Sittin' around playing games and haven't time to front slappin on the plastic and stabbin us is nut raw because it isn't enough to keep the cock to a jar

It's dangerous to give Syn dap with his crab claws and even more so to play with Dave's circular saw searching for flaws is only permitted when you seeing if we're staying in the boundaries of copyright laws that's why we

(And thank you ladies and gentlemen it has been another exciting night of boxing action here on KWYZ with our winner by technical knockout MC Wystyk and a thank our sponsors DJ Synthesys and DJ Danger for a chiming in with our commercial messages we'll see you next time take care of yourselves)

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