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Eye Detector

This song is by Psyche Origami and appears on the album Is Ellipsis (2005).

(Here's something to think about)

Well it's that optical polygraph that walk this path at a steady pace

And make a change every day but keep the same face

I stay at home even if I'm in a strange place you falsify notions that you can occupy the same space

So let's face it (What) I rhyme so I don't have to break my back makin' slave wages and build with cats that keep the turf wet in the dry season

When some find it pleasing to tacksqueezing they skillet cooking up kix and clothes on they back and as far as your cap

Man that peelin' shits for older man we foldin' it back because the O's for Origami when I got my people by me best believe me when you see me you don't even want to try me

I don't drink Dasani 'cause I switched to Aquafina even though Coka Cola Says the tinted bottles cleaner

Huh, there's more to life so I guess the plots thicker then gettin' these points across like CNN Star Tickers

And brother's be like Yo Wyzard I want to rock wit cha but forgot to hit you up 'cause I was suckin' on that Swisher

I'm drinkin' hard liquor Wit no mixer wit my browser at [google Alta Vistery] searchin' for ways to get cha

Eye detector

Because we see it all, but recognize what we want to aproblem ain't such until the circumstance confronts you and keep you backing up until there ain't no where to run to and [comic/carnic] implication builds a wall you can't run through

Eye detector

Eye detector

(Even if you know the words, do some special, careful listening)

I keep acquaintance with beings of light that share in my plight revolutionary types that lay patient until the food is right but cut it off into your life with a knife the size of this [rocks twice] but um

Sense 'em as your everything but megabytes as if this, the width of Jupiter wouldn't suffice

In this case, I plant seeds like keys in your brain for you to misplace you slippin' like you skating on boards without the grip tape by thinkin' it could never be you and that's a mistake

I'm sacrificing money for truth and it shows rvery time I spit a rhyme in the booth

But understand that if you in this industry and hold a gun because you nervous It's probably because you got credit and don't deserve it It's probably because you were wicked and self-servant It's probably because we could notice you're uncertain and out of nowhere you might find yourself hurtin' at the end of accepting it's time to close curtain

Eye detector

Eye Detector

Eye Detector

Eye Detector

Eye Detector

(What ever I see I attack, tack)

But I can see through you

(Wow! Look at that)

But I can see through you

(Hey, we've given our ears lots of exercise and our eyes and our mouth and, yes, our heads too. Thanks for joining me)

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