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Dead Right

This song is by Psyche Origami and appears on the album Is Ellipsis (2005).

Damn, my man blessed me with this track dog

I'm trying to find some I'm trying to find something to go with it

I know I got something in this

There's got to be something up in here that I can use for this

Man this intro just keep going and going

Ah, there we go haha I found it

Yo what happened to the beat Yo Diehard give me a beat

First of all I got to keep it live until the curtain call definitely got to show my ethic when there's work involved

The second that I shower skeptics with my dialogue is when the third rock will ignite like a fire log

It burns steadily from night to morn and bring forth enough heat to keep you earthlings warm

Sip a fifth on the sixth day for stress relief and catch you right before you drift into deep REM sleep

It's the dream merchant selling everything from lucid nightmares to fantastic flashbacks to classic recollections of wearing a gas mask to fourth period lunch right after math and time for arts and crafts

That good time shit'll make a pessimist laugh drop weaponry to make you call the rest of your staff and at the briefing I'll tell 'em it's a blessing to have the ability to stay sharp and rip you in half

Now, with thoughts of mass exodus directing us to a place where our own thoughts start collecting us they got us on the clock checking us in, accounting for what we make in benefits and dividends

And I stay looking within so what I write is introspective it's like I'm Robocop and killing shit is my directive I'm naturally selective to hit y'all with all that next shit and when don't get it call it to c'lect it

Stop walking in the dark and put on your headlights Psyche O. gonna rip tonight you dead right

And all you emcees out there with stage fright is Wyzsztyk gonna rip this mic you dead right

It's like that every single day of the week we catch you right before you drift into deep REM sleep and stay deep because we sick of listening to your plight (/because it's strictly for the people to like) Psyche O. gonna shed some light you dead right, ha

Moving on to the next phase you'll hear talk of the beginning of the end of your days you either in it for the art or you in it because it pays

But most of these cats ain't really what they portray so I can't sweat tomorrow 'cause I'm hungry today I take a chunk of Special Ed's alligator soufflé

And when my mind spray it's all grey matter splattering that's why I step up to the sound of teeth chattering

People fear the things they can't understand and overlook independent for overused name brand

My fam's so tight we drink out of the same can sun showers got you running back home to grab your Ray Bans

I stay tan still get around like fan blades and you listening to music Mud Vicious' hands made

I'm out to get a raise out to keep the mind paid out to blaze and conduct the plays [walker] parade

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