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At Last

This song is by Psyche Origami and appears on the album Is Ellipsis (2005).

At last, we bring you the fastest growing phenomenon, bombin' on stereos

At last, we get a fifth and takin' our time, now waitin' for the right scenario, here we go

At long last, we 'bout to make a permanent mark and rip the toughest mental fabric apart because

At last, we done playin' with these puzzle pieces and parts to make 'em [plea darts] lets start

To all my money making emcees and formal road scolars

Who mighta, lost they life for a handful of dollars

You gotta, mouthful of dead weight you can't swallow and a block long path of red tape you can't follow.

My fan peak, Ted AD and Ted Shala

Brand of rap, jump off the chain like rottweillers

Off the meter often consider to be awesome

With the style that rock from Bangkok to Boston.

All up in ya mouth, between your teeth flossin'

Tryin' to sell me sort on the shelf and might cost 'em

His limbs or his life savings his forehead for engraving

The name Psyche in metal shavings

When you come off, maan, it's less than amazing

That's why your style will always get beat like frat hazings.

I'm old style razor with a leather strap shaving

Step up and decipher if you like sunbathing

Yeah, it's right here, it's right here, it's right here.

Yo, how you gonna see it standing way over there

Getting beat up side the cranial with these solar flares.

Yeah, it's right here, it's right here, it's right here

I drop a devastating verse that you can't compare

We 'bout to make the whole public aware because

(Are you ready) (Refrain)

I got a shot at the monotony and tryin' to make Manopoly money stretch so I can by back my stolen property

If I do it properly and get some heads to follow me We rule our own colonies the government could swallow me

I'm polygonal, In either stereo or mono

So many sides I couldn't tell you vertical from horizontal

Straight up and down like some corduroy pants

I drop a style that at first glance it seems too advance

Straight abstract, it use to be the format

Before I knew a thing about verbal combat

And now I carry heavy ammunition on my back

And always stay in the position to blow cats to scraps

I never got better just learned to adapt

Stay alert and proact and never had to react

And stay adept to bringing new concepts into my frame of thinking

Always switching up the pictures like trying on new skins to see which one'll fit cha

But I'm comfortable in this caramel

Hope you get the point while you sleepin' on that bed of nails

'Cause we 'bout to drop some weight on 'em and commence to tip the scales 'cause

(Let the word go forth)

(We have much to do)

(I ask for your help)

(Without that we have nothing)

(The world is very different now)

(Dangerously misguided)

(That is why we're trying to do more in these areas)

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