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Somewhere There Is A Record Of Our Actions

This song is by Psapp and appears on the album The Camel's Back (2008).

You're one dotted line
That I can't sign
Yet, I'm a boat
I gave you the remote
But, I'd never shed a tear
For words I didn't hear
I never needed to

You left me in need
And it's the best way to go
I hadn't finished yet
Maybe I'm too slow
I know you never meant to hurt
It's just the way you string your words together

I know many will give it
I know someone will mean it
I know somewhere it must be true

I make a fist
It won't hit home
Changed my mind
Wasted time and now it's blown
Now I'm jealous of the rain
For it hasn't any shame
It falls where it likes

Is this all that it could be?
Is it so hard to read me?
I look but I do not see you
(Oh, will it ever, ever go?)
I know wanting won't get it
(Oh, will it ever, ever go?)
So far and close on my bedding
(Oh, will it ever, ever go?)
I don't know who I'm letting in
(Oh, will it ever, ever go?)

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