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​Part Like Waves

This song is by Psapp and appears on the album The Camel's Back (2008).

Piece me together out of the things that you see
I'm a log, I'm a boat, I'm a book, I'm a rope, I'm a tree
I follow you blindly and bursting with hope and then
Under the bridge and then out in the light again

We go round and around as we fight through the sounds
And I've shown you all that I can do
We go over and out where the silence is loud
I hope that I catch up with you
I follow you gladly and grasping the rope
And then under the hill and then bursting out light again

Oh, we all fall down
We are scattered on the ground
And we part like waves
No one ever stays

I love how we blur into one, I and you, you and me
We can get further if we stick together, you'll see
I tackle the limits and then I fell down again
Pulling the reins to my chest, letting go again