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We Are All Lepers Here

This song is by Psalters and appears on the album Us Vs Us (2004).

We are all lepers here overcome by our fear of pain let us remain... numb
Too real we can not feel our hands already froze holding our bloodless hearts ...dear
Pumping liquified apathy through our veins hands frozen to heart now we can hold
Nothing else but the soothing lack of pulse still beating us we are all lepers here
Take us to the underground where I know You are found I fear we're goin' sane way up here
This is where we long to be insane unsanitaries
Hated by all thos hating (the Way and Truth and Life)
Flood us with Fire consume with Your raging Waters to keep us breathing give us Your feeling
Flood us with Fire consume with Your raging waters to keep us bleeding (breathe Life)

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