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This song is by Psalters and appears on the album Us Vs Us (2004).

Throw me in the trash can, the one place that I can, stand free from your sanitizing, the only freedom you'll ever bring...(as you go happily nodding on) unsanitaries
I'm a horse smackin heroine
Don't ask where I have been
Hiding under violins of various degrees
(Nodding on...)
It keeps me from slidin in your sanity that won't let in unsanitaries
Livin' in some "false realities" (nodding on...)
So kiss me once before I fly
Far from your clear white sky
Why don't you ask me why
Your crystal guns shot me (nodding on...)
Suck on your nationwide corporate lie that society is safe inside its apathy
Suck for a bag of joy,
Suck for a hit of greed,
You better start cheekin kid
Those seeds might spread the disease you gave us unsanitaries.

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