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The Flesh Is Weak

This song is by Psalm and appears on the album Fortune's Complexity (In Five Cycles of Torments) (2006).

(Lyrics by T. Dossogne)

I just want to be loved
Rules are made to be broken
The flesh is weak, you know
Onto the shores of debauchery
Erotic human plague
My wicked catharsis
Erotic human plague
Exorcise my demons
Carnal sins, pleasures of the flesh
I need to free myself
Boundaries are overthrown still I need to cross the next line
Yield purity, no redemption
Yield purity, fight temptation
Smother the guilt with ignorance
Treasure biblical offence
Gasping for air
Aching desires
Losing reason
Aching desires
Open the gates, trust the new voice
Gasping for air
Aching desires
New era of lust
Aching desires

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