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The Agony Show

This song is by Psalm and appears on the album Fortune's Complexity (In Five Cycles of Torments) (2006).

(Lyrics by T. Dossogne)

I left the abhorred false hopes I sought
Surreal creation of beliefs
Like a crimson sunset in hell
Dominion of deepest sorrow
My raped faith has now consumed my energy
And unleashed my morbid fantasies.
The final ovation of life's sanctity
The fearless wolves were always feasting on my passions
Somehow I couldn't possibly fit in
All my dreams were slain, devoured by
I cried, I tried, I swear I tried
To conform to this
World's rules
All of you who came to mourn this pathetic fool, please don't hate me
Swansong for the faint-hearted
Now as I lay to rest
My mortal coil is long gone now
Still my spirit remains whole
Help me retrieve love
This is my last wish
Help me fear no more
My time is running out
I'd like to talk to you one last time
And try to explain, ease your pain
But I am powerless
Twisted lacerated dreams
A carrion left to rot
From dust to dust
The ultimate cleansing of vain dignity
Abortion of existence
I can see the reaper's scythe
Negation of persistence
I'll soon take my final exit
Bright light surrounds me
All of my life flashes now before my eyes
Life's abyss sets me free
The bleeding of my heart has finally ended
Go on priest,
Speak out your last sermon
Deliver me your last words
My path has come to an end now, I have to

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