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Phoenix Pyre

This song is by Prozack Staple and appears on the album The Calm Behind The Chaos (2002).

Staring puzzled, terrified of what might come
I tumble down this patterned cavern
Please excuse me before I crumble
I would've asked but I'm far to humble
Sooner or later karma will hit me ten fold
Make it for later

Rise and shine!

I dared myself to know you
I sought you to explore you
Now I dare you to compare me
To the likes of you
To the likes of you

My desire to be inspired
Burns within your pyre
Stranger than ever before
The Phoenix that surrounds me
Excites and astounds me
Stronger than ever before

Forgive me if I speak out of turn
You can silence me now
But I'll speak my mind later

Rise and shine!

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