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This song is by Prozack Staple and appears on the album The Calm Behind The Chaos (2002).

You are BE
And always will BE close to me

There is more to this than an obelisk
I had no time to think
My place since then, erased
Is only just a memory

Within one small glance
Taken by chance
A hologram of the past
And everything was Greene
Is there still pride inside
I will not hide
You have always lied

Your fist doesn't phase me
It only saves me
It just explains you
Take off that thick shell
Don't try to stake this claim in my name
That's your game
Take off that thick shell!

The fire is out
And the coals have died down
And you are still here

You have no right to forget this name

Everything was Greene and so real
Now everything's gone and surreal

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