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Unleashed Terror

This song is by Protector and appears on the album A Shedding Of Skin (1991).

(Music: M.Hasse and O.Wiebel / Lyrics: O.Wiebel)

Terror daily seen on screen
Emotions lost, is it real or a dream
Neurosis drives the man insane
Sickness that we cannot blame
We are not entangled in
To think about it gives us no sin
Unknown victims that were killed
They don't need our full compassion

Violence on the boulevards
Ripped apart by bullet shards
Killers in the neighborhood
Raping girls to feel good

Unleashed terror spread
Soon you will be dead

Bloody gangs all rule the streets
Turning foes to strips of meat
As our bodies hit the ground
Now our saviour can't be found
Terrorists born from the screen
Fill our lives with broken screams
Helping them to realize
Secrets of our own demise

Bloodbath on the movie screen
Got the people turning mean
Hoping that before they die
They will kill the other guy

Rage to kill
Blood will spill
Feel my pain
Crush the flame
Filled with hate
It's too late
Mad man's screams
Sweat soaked dreams
End is here
Face your fear

(Repeat third verse)

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