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The Heritage

This song is by Protector and appears on the album The Heritage (1993).

In a time where grass is grey
Where trees can't clean the air
Toxic gas is what we breathe
No escape from this disease
Winds rising into shrieks
Noises piercing in the air
Glaring flashlight on the street
Hear the dying people blare

Clouds of dust
Run away and hide
What has happened
You're afraid inside
This inferno
Erases mankind
Those who died
Escape wars of mind

Starvation / Consolation

Those who said
Let's make war not peace
Lost their life
Falling on their knees
They die young
Leave this life behind
Is what they'll find

Evisceration / Consolation

Your mouth so paralyzed with fear
You dare not to speak
Your eyes so blind and hypnotized
You cannot weep

The heritage - Of an golden age
Repeat 1st verse

Devastation / Consolation
Repeat 2nd verse
Starvation / Consolation

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