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Mortuary Nightmare

This song is by Protector and appears on the album A Shedding Of Skin (1991).

(Music: M.Hasse and O.Wiebel / Lyrics: O.Wiebel)

Certain a nightmare
Has you imprisoned, you can not wake
Terrible blackness
Nothing at all to be seen
Suffering - convulsion
Trembling bones - insanity

Crying out
Pain is just a preacher from the dark
Physical blow
Dreadful fear has overcome the soul

Flame spat out into the rainy night
Walls transformed in mind to bloody creatures
Loneliness surrounds the dying victim
Clouds of death announce the end of life

It seemed to be a mortuary

Death condemned us all
Into a strange dimension

We live to be mortality
We all shall die and then we'll fly

Mortuary nightmare
Mortuary nightmare
Mortuary nightmare

(Repeat first verse)

(Repeat first verse)

(Repeat second verse)

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