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Doomed To Failure

This song is by Protector and appears on the album A Shedding Of Skin (1991).

(Music: M.Hasse and O.Wiebel / Lyrics: M.Missy)

Future formed by will of man
Nothing like a word "godgiven"
Everything that's said and done
Can cause deadly chain-reaction

Future in the hand of few
Hands of a "divine" minority
Their own interests, that's their game
And you're nothing but a name

Doomed to failure - Walking blind
Doomed to chaos - Stop to think
Doomed to death - till the last breath

The world is dying, screams for help
Poisoned, raped and violated
We can stop the murderous game
You know you're more than just a name

The people sleep, they don't care
But the future's made today
You and me, we are the pilots
Fasten your seat belts, we take of!

Doomed to failure - Just say "No"
Doomed to chaos - Start to care
Doomed to ruin - Open your eyes
Doomed to death - It's not too late!

(Repeat second verse)

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